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Even though a partial shutdown of the government has occurred, TAX Season has started! . With all the major tax changes that took place in 2018, more than ever the need for experienced CPAs to help you navigate these tax laws and sign your returns is great. Do not make a guess on your return and assume all the responsibility yourself. Let the professionals form part of your team!   

Compliance with laws and regulations is key to sleeping well at night.  To this end, please help us help you remain compliant.  For tax returns, please bring in social security cards, ITIN cards, school records/letters,  utility bills, all forms for tax purposes such as the W-2, 1099-Misc, 1098-T, 1098 reflecting interest and tax paid on your real estate, 1099-Gs for both Unemployment and for the State Refund receved, 1095A, 1095B, 1095C forms for insurance bought on the Marketplace, medical cards, real estate tax bills etc, university tuition/books receipts, closing papers for purchased, refinanced or disposed real estate.

As experienced certified public accountants we have the knowledge and flexibility to represent tax cases (federal) and state not only in Illinois, but also in Wisconsin. If you have a huge debt with the IRS we can help you with this too.

We are authorized electronic filers which allows us to file your current year return electronically.   E-file is much faster and more accurate than sending the returns via regular mail.  

If you would like to expedite the preparation process, feel free to register and use our Secure File Exchange to start submitting your information to us.  Like any other professional services (Law or Medicine), careful attention and sufficient time needs to be devoted to receive a high quality service.  You are very important to us and want to do the best to our abilities therefore, please be patient and help us achieve the best for you.

For those that may be wondering on how to reduce the income  tax liability or have received letters from the IRS or State of Illinois informing you that your return(s) have been selected for examination or have tax account difficulties, we suggest you bring in all letters, copies of tax returns and see us as soon as you can.  Even if you already owe a large debt a solution may still exist.
In addition to an array of services of accounting, consulting, fiscal training, internal audit outsourcing, compliance audits, business plans, financial statements, minority certification, audit, ICC processing, translations etc, Gladys R Wilson and Associates offers a wealth of knowledge to help you reach your financial success.

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